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What is Soul Rooted Astrology?

Soul Rooted Astrology using the ancient technology and science of astrology to map the core evolutionary desires of the soul. Through this awareness we can more fully participate with our own evolutionary becoming. With this knowledge in hand we can in turn become agents of our own destiny instead of victims of fate. 

This is an empowering kind of astrology laying out the unique archetypal signature that is you and outlining the core gifts, challenges and opportunities present for you in this life. These readings are deep and often life changing, reflecting with shocking clarity the inner workings of the psyche. Each session last 75 min and include the core soul evolutionary signature, the evolutionary invitations of this life, past life impressions, soul gifts, relational patterns, current transits and more. 


“Hayden is a true embodiment of a wild visionary. I was fortunate to receive support and guidance from him during a Vision Quest in Idaho and experienced his leadership to be second to none. There are few men in this world that can both offer wise coaching and bring embodied presence in the way that Hayden does.”
Josh Trent

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Sliding Scale: $110-160

All session are preformed via zoom. A recorded copy of the session will be sent out following the session.

Who Is The Wild Visionary?

My name is Hayden Shaw and I am a philosopher, cultural visionary, meta-theorist, permaculture & regenerative systems designer, community facilitator, wilderness rites-of-passage guide, Soul Rooted Healing Arts practitioner, ceremonial artisan lover, partner, and human living on planet earth. I am a Co-Founder of The S.E.E.D.S. (School for Ecocentric Evolution & Design Strategies) and I am currently pursuing post graduate study in regenerative economics from Schumacher College in the UK where I am exploring revolutionary economic models for holistic culture generation, soul-rooted self-development, earth stewardship, and the re-animation of the more-than-human wold. I have been practicing astrology for nearly a decade studying under the Evolutionary Astrology lineage. I have facilitated countless sessions and have seen time and time again the power of this technology to heal, inspire, liberate and transform the subject. It a great passion of mine to share this medicine with fellow seekers on the journey.


Eric Roig

Hayden is a powerful synthesizer of cosmic information; with an incredible capacity to distill complex processes and systems into digestible forms. His insights into Evolutionary Astrology and how it mirrors and serves as a guide to our internal landscapes have validated, expanded upon, and informed my own internal and evolutionary journey. I highly recommend his offerings to those looking for fresh perspectives and insights into the nature of their experience, and I am so deeply grateful for all the guidance and support his words and spaceholding have offered me. 


Hayden’s interpretationof the luminaries is a magical one, while also bringing a practicality to work with. It feels he is truly guided in the sessions to ground the expansiveness of astrology into personal direction. After my time with Hayden, I feel more awareness around how the astrological aspects influence my experience and how to use these aspects in my chart to find balance and growth.


“The space that Hayden shares helps me piece together and see the different aspects and stories of my inner world clearly. The stability and integration that results from this clarity continues to anchor me to growth.”



What I’m Up To

Upcoming Books

Hayden is currently co-authoring several books with his partner, Alia Yarrow, intended to provide a design pathway for an ecocentric collective (r)evoltuion. As these projects unfold, he will be posting excerpts and sharing this creative journey through his Substack.

Wild Visionary Podcast:

Hayden is also in the process of launching a new podcast called “Wild Visionary,” intended to explore themes of what is to be human in these liminal times and how we can navigate our way towards a more beautiful future while simultaneously finding the grace and courage to radically love what is. 

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