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Practitioner of The Soul Rooted Healing Arts

The Wild Visionary is an artful practitioner & visionary pioneer of the Soul Rooted Healing Arts. The services he provides are elegantly designed to guide you towards alignment & convergence with your deepest evolutionary desires.

Evolutionary Attunement Towards a Soul Rooted Life.

Here we dance with what is and what is possible, and in the process uncover your unique pathway towards continual self-realization.”

Soul Rooted Astrology

Astrology is an ancient art created by the masters of old and refined over thousands of years of human observation and interaction for the purpose of gaining sacred knowledge of the “self.” This self knowledge once re-membered guides one into ever deeper depths of participation & relationship with life & consciousness. In these sessions, we uncover your core evolutionary desires and reveal the pathways towards their rooted realizations in your life. 

Evolutionary Mirroring

 Evolutionary Mirroring is a dialetical process of uncovering greater depths of truth otherwise unavailable through an individual self-reflective process. Evolutionary Mirroring utilizes the gifts of relationality and reflection to support insight and revelation. In these sessions, I support you in telling the relevant story for this moment and utilize my gifts of full-sensory listening to reflect back the qualities, invitations, and occult symbolism that hold key insights to your continued healing and wholing.

Rites-of-Passage/Nature-Based Ceremonial Facilitation

Ensoulment, growth and evolution are iterative processes with different stages, phases, stations and transitions. Ceremonial rites based in the wild world have always supported humans to recognize with striking clarity where we are in our evolutionary journey and provide the space to die to old parts of the self that we’ve outgrown in order to be born anew to our ever-unfolding evolutionary nature. Taking sacred space in nature away from habitual rhythms of our modern day-to-day lives creates ripe conditions for transformative realizations, deep integration and somatic regulation. 

Ontological Design

Ontology is the study of being itself. It is in essence how we experience the world. It is how we are that has been and is being grown out of our personal experiences, our human relational/cultural experiences and our relationship with all that is more than human (Nature). To design ontological is to participate with our own evolutionary unfoldment by making conscious all that is shaping our “reality” and making the adjustments to serve the quality of experience that can support a more vitality, creativity and wellbeing. Here we dance with what is and what is possible; finding your unique pathway towards self realization.

Wild Visionary Ethos

You are a unique manifestation of life and consciousness you are divinely perfect just as you are because you are. And yet deep within you burns the fire of desire to move beyond what has been and towards greater depths of participation and self actualization. This is the desire of life itself, to continually liberate itself from itself for the eternal realization of itself. I am in service to the continuity and evolution of life and consciousness and thus I am in service to you for that is who and what you are. Here we collaborate as life for the discovery, liberation, and cultivation of your unique essence as a gift to the whole. 


Desire is at the core of all life. The desire of all life is to become itself, to realize itself, to actualize itself. Each manifestation of life (each instance) fills a unique niche within time and space serving the continual unfoldment of the whole. This niche is a co-created contextual invitation to bloom into your unique radiance in a way that serves the evolution of the larger whole that has co-created the conditions for your arrival. This niche (space) of our wildest participation with life calls to us, speaks to us in images. These images are already present with you, reflected in all things and dancing through the landscapes of your dreams. I am here to support you to recognize them and to become ensouled by them. This process liberates from apathy and unleashes the wild longing  to  participate with life.


Desire must move, for desire is movement, a movement continually beyond, and continually towards. In time and space the manifestation of desire is seen as movement, change and transformation of form and expression over time. The tree sprouting from seed and moving stage by stage, moment by moment towards the continual actualization of itself is the manifestation, the actualization of desire. We are this process of desire in motion, emergent into being out of lifes desire, as an expression of it, and thus having agency to participate with it. This process is what is commonly understood as development. It is where we play with our own realization over time. What is the image asking of you in order that it may grow through you? What skills, “languages” and changes are needing to actualize the image to ever depening degrees over time? 


Desires must be surrendered, continually dissolved through either actualization and/or dissillusonment as a process of refinement and reformation in order to meet the changing context of the now more appropriately and effectively. This process supports the culltivation of insight and the realization of “significiance” generating wisdom and the ultimate experience of a deeply meaningful life. Transcendant consciousness generates the somatic experience of gracefulness allowing one to be reborn anew in each moment. Thus with this expanded/liberated insight we can call up new images/desires and weave onself ever deeper into the essence of what is to be human, to be life, to be consciousness.

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You are here to participate, the times are needing you. 

Our unique essence, the seed of our greatest offering is always in context to and born out of the unique needs of the times. Thus the task is to surrender to the unique life that is yours to live as an inherent gift to the whole. This is the process of discovering the significance that is in every moment and every experience that has ever been. Thus the task is to understand how what was, and what is is in service to what could be and to participate in the generation of a continually more beautiful future.


“Hayden is a true embodiment of a wild visionary. I was fortunate to receive support and guidance from him during a Vision Quest in Idaho and experienced his leadership to be second to none. There are a few men in this world that can both offer wise coaching and bring embodied presence in the way that Hayden does.”

Josh Trent

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“The space that Hayden shares helps me piece together and see the differnt aspects and stories of my inner world clearly. The stability and integration that results from this clarity continues to anchor me to growth.”



Abby B

Hayden’s interpretationof the luminaries is a magical one, while also bringing a practicality to work with. It feels he is truly guided in the sessions to ground the expansiveness of astrology into personal direction. After my time with Hayden, I feel more awareness around how the astrological aspects influence my experience and how to use these aspects in my chart to find balance and growth.

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