Evolutionary Attunement

Cultivating The Clarity To Walk Your Unique Life Path With Grace, Strength, & Confidence.


What is Evolutionary Attunement?

Evolutionary Attunement is a 6 session one-on-one supportive pathway for the generation of more clarity, passion, self-understanding and creative liberation.

We will utilize a number of different supportive modalities over the course of 6 sessions to uncover with striking resolution the core evolutionary invitations being offered uniquely to you in this moment. This pathway is designed to catalyze evolutionary growth in attunement with your deepest soul rooted desires. This is powerful Self discovery, a radical “Yes!” saying to the one unique life you are here to live.

We each hold a unique seed and it is our deepest desire to blossom into that which we where born to become. This radical unfolding into our truest authenticity is an act of wild love in service to the evolution of the whole. I am here to support your continual unfurling, to clear the way for greater depths of radical aliveness that long to be. It’s time to say a wild yes to this unique life that’s yours and yours alone to live.

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“Hayden is a true embodiment of a wild visionary. I was fortunate to receive support and guidance from him during a Vision Quest in Idaho and experienced his leadership to be second to none. There are few men in this world that can both offer wise coaching and bring embodied presence in the way that Hayden does.”
Josh Trent

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So What’s Included?

x2 Attunement Sessions

In these sessions, I use a combination of somatic presencing, dialogue, deep imagery, mirroring, and metaphorical representation to support you in attuning to “the now,” which affords greater choice-making capacity that is in alignment with your core desires at this moment of your unfolding journey.

1x Evolutionary Astrology

In this session, I will use evolutionary astrology to uncover the core evolutionary desires of the soul in order to highlight the unique gifts, challenges, and opportunities presented in this lifetime as represented through the planetary alignments and configurations of your natal birth chart.

x2 Mirroring Sessions

In these sessions, you will be invited to tell a story that focuses on a specific moment, journey, ceremony, dream, soul encounter, etc. that represents a core theme/pattern of great significance to you and the shape you are coming to understand of yourself. This story will be “mirrored” back to you as a process of excavating greater significance, clarity, understanding, and psycho-somatic-emotional integration.

x1 Self-Designed Ceremony & Enactment

In this session, I will offer support around designing a personalized ritual/ceremony that can support your psyche to further catalyze and align with the evolutionary intentions that are becoming illuminated by your soul. I will use my training as a Vision Quest Guide to assist you in designing this ceremony and you will enact it before the final mirroring session.

+ Bonus Content

This package will also include optional content to be engaged with between each session. 

Video content will include short foundational explanations of the meta-psychology informing my theory of change, the nature of the self, wholeness development, and the essential nature of the soul from an eco-psychological perspective.

Also include are practices/invitations that can be engaged with between each session as a self-directed deepening into the work. 

I will include a list of books and resources that will also support a further deepening into the work. 

*Anyone who completes the Evolutionary Attunement package will also receive a special discounted rate for a future weekend workshop or a Vision Quest offered through Wild Visionary or my affiliate program, Wild Eros.*

Who Is The Wild Visionary?

My name is Hayden Shaw and I am a philosopher, cultural visionary, meta-theorist, permaculture & regenerative systems designer, community facilitator, wilderness rites-of-passage guide, Soul Rooted Healing Arts practitioner, lover, partner, and human living on planet earth. I am a Co-Founder of The S.E.E.D.S. (School for Ecocentric Evolution & Design Strategies) and live on an experimental community farm in Durango, CO where we are exploring revolutionary models for holistic culture building, soul-rooted self-development, earth stewardship and the re-animation of the more-than-human wold.



“The space that Hayden shares helps me piece together and see the different aspects and stories of my inner world clearly. The stability and integration that results from this clarity continues to anchor me to growth.”




Hayden’s interpretationof the luminaries is a magical one, while also bringing a practicality to work with. It feels he is truly guided in the sessions to ground the expansiveness of astrology into personal direction. After my time with Hayden, I feel more awareness around how the astrological aspects influence my experience and how to use these aspects in my chart to find balance and growth.


Hayden is a powerful synthesizer of cosmic information; with an incredible capacity to distill complex processes and systems into digestible forms. His insights into Evolutionary Astrology and how it mirrors and serves as a guide to our internal landscapes have validated, expanded upon, and informed my own internal and evolutionary journey. I highly recommend his offerings to those looking for fresh perspectives and insights into the nature of their experience, and I am so deeply grateful for all the guidance and support his words and spaceholding have offered me. 

Session Flow

01. Foundational Attunement

02. Evolutionary Astrology

03. Mirroring Session

04. Evolutionary Attunement

05. Self-Designed Ceremony

06. Mirroring/Integration

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What I’m Up To

Upcoming Books

Hayden is currently co-authoring several books with his partner, Alia Yarrow, intended to provide a design pathway for an ecocentric collective (r)evoltuion. As these projects unfold, he will be posting excerpts and sharing this creative journey through his Substack.

Wild Visionary Podcast:

Hayden is also in the process of launching a new podcast called “Wild Visionary,” intended to explore themes of what is to be human in these liminal times and how we can navigate our way towards a more beautiful future while simultaneously finding the grace and courage to radically love what is. 

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