The self is an emergent process of nature, culture and internal psychological processes (soul). It is quite literally all that has been, is being, and could be experienced. These experiences (actualities) generate potentials/possibilities (seeds) which are stored as archetypal images & symbols in the collective & personal unconscious. The SELF in its most impersonal sense is what is universal, qualities of being, expressed as symbols (possibilities) that serve as the generating functions for the evolution of consciousness. The universal symbols of SELF are received by an individual, through cultural and through interactions with the animate more-than-human world and are then alchemized with one’s unique experiences (psychological disposition) and soul evolutionary intentions (desires) to form/generate ensoulment images, dreams, imaginings, longings ect. These unique images (constellations of symbols) tell a story of how the SELF (symbol of human possibilities) manifests through the soul (irreducibly unique essence) as an act of service to the evolution of life & consciousness. These personalized ensoulment images are the driving force behind our personal development process ie. how we choose to express ourselves and what skills we move towards acquiring. Without conscious participation in the ensoulment process on the part of the individual and the culture in which they are raised we are left subjected to the images blindly received by the overculture, which is, in this instance of its evolution, pathologically adolescent, life destroying, and self terminating.

The task is to become conscious of what images one is being ensouled (informed/shaped) by, through connecting with a greater transcendent understanding (symbol) of the SELF. A greater universal understanding of SELF acts like a great fire of the mind, burning away/cleansing ensoulment images that compel development towards that which is discontinuous/asymmetric with SELF (SELF fracturing & terminating). With a greater transcendent symbol that is in line with the generative principles of the universe the actualization of the transcendent (SELF Actualization) as an experience of nirvana/enlightenment and as an act of conscious creation (participation in the eternal unfoldment of universe) becomes not only an obtainable aim but a deeply satisfying meaningful pursuit in every moment. From this place of SELF actualization the soul (one’s uniqueness) can freely liberate its desire for its materialization as an act of service to the transcendent symbol of SELF. The process itself becomes the goal, the transcendent symbol is realized in the now. The soul is made manifest through the SELF, as an image of life, this image can intern become a symbol to others of “the way” thus evolving the symbol of the SELF for itself.  SELF as life and consciousness expressed through the human in service to the evolution of life and consciousness over all possible time. 

SELF is thus a universal, eternal being made up of a constellation of related qualities harmonizing within the psyche for the generation of worlds, the creation of life, as an act of evolution for all that is SELF and all that is not self. 

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