Freedom, my brothers and sisters, is a quality of mind. This mind is like the light of the sun, shining through the darkness of space. For light does always exist, forever burning, forever giving, and see how it asks nothing, see how it takes nothing away. Eternal is its nature and to be eternal it must of necessity be sufficient unto itself. For whom is it that cares for the light? For what is there to give to the light that the light does not already have. For the light gives all things and taketh away nothing save darkness. And darkness is only a vail waiting to be lifted by the light.

This light of the free mind shines forth in all directions like the sun or the stars in the sky. It does not say, I am trapped, I cannot go anywhere, I cannot see what is ahead, I am afraid, it does not wait for a path to be shown unto it but in and of itself reveals the path. For the light of the free mind is in motion always and always being in motion and moving in all directions reveals all things. And always being in motion and moving in all directions, it appears still. Oh how patient, oh how still is this light of the free mind. Look at the light of the sun shining unto a forest. Look how the life races to access the light. Look how the light favors none but gives unceasingly. Look how easy the light rests on the leaves of the tree, never saying “move aside tree for I wish to shine my light below thee”. And yet watch as the tree grows and then falls away. The light does not say “come back tree for I favor thee more than these plants that grow beneath you”. No, the light fills the space without hesitation shining forth onto whomever shall receive. See how still, how patient, see how swift, how graceful. See how all things come from the light and coming from the light they have the light as their nature. And having the light as their nature they move always, and moving always they carry forth the work of the light, as a light of the light. And moving always they change in their forms, growing up in the light, expanding, stretching, striving. And see how all things upon earth dissolve back again, giving back what was taken in order to grow and offering forth what was gained in the process of growth. See how this return, this offering is the sustenance for new life. See how the tree that falls is dissolved, see that its dissolved parts becomes the soil, the nutrient, for the life that is and the life that is yet to come. See how in the process of its growth it produced how many seeds? See that those seeds grow, fueled by the dissolved bodies of once living things.

So tell me, my brothers and sisters, how can we speak of death? For death is but a change in form and thus death is in motion and thus being in motion has the light as its nature. Fear not of death but be free as the light of the sun, purify the eye of the mind that it may see clearly the things that are and seeing clearly will know the things that are and in knowing the things that are will rest in this knowing. This, my brothers and sisters, is freedom. Drink of this freedom always and abide eternally in it.

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