Something familiar yet something utterly different. We are encountering our past selves through encountering old contexts. Spaces, places, people, that hold the contours of familiarity, like a memory stored in that which is outside oneself only to be recalled through an awakeness with a change in what is. An extended moment that is deeply informed by what has past, yet whispering us towards what is future. Mysteriously hard to put a finger on it exactly and yet it moves us, enlivens something profoundly true to who we are. We are approaching something so old and ancient to who we are and yet everything is so utterly different, so utterly new. Can we settle back into ourselves to unearth that general truth, that pattern of universe that wants to be re-membered all the while allowing the differences to be just as they are. No need to pry, no need to tug, no need to fight, informed by that which is true inside without a need to justify. An innocence, something softer, something lighter pulling us towards, all mirrored by what is emerging around us. Not perfect, not to last as it is now, and that’s perfectly ok, for we are remembering and the memory that is now present as an active feeling is compelling one forward towards what has been split off with love and acceptance. A home-coming of sorts, and yet not everything or everyone is present; willing to be more in the past in order to unearth the gifts for the future. Not needing to be so specific, willing to let the details fall away, being like it was before. A liberating knowing that it will never be like it was before. Not because it was bad, but because it was was, and what was can no longer be what is, and yet what was wants to be delicately woven into what is for the sake of what can be. Can we take what the past wants to give us, while being present to what is true now for the growing of the future? Do we fall victim to the longing for what can simply never be again? Are we oversimplify? Wanting to update the past with news from the future. 

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